Ceremony at the Polish Embassy in Paris

On 9th May 2017, the opening ceremony of the IAMMC conference (Interaction of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics) took place in the Monaco Palace, Polish Embassy in Paris, with the participation of the titular Ambassador Dariusz Wiśniewski. This conference organized by prof. Tadeusz Burczyński was connected with the anniversary of the Polish-French scientific exchange. Presentations about the 60-year anniversary of the scientific cooperation between Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) were given by Mr. Dariusz Wiśniewski, Dr. Chantal Khan-Malek (Director CNRS – Bilateral Europe), Prof. Elżbieta Frąckowiak (Vice-President of PAS), Prof. Marek Więckowski (Director of the Scientific Center PAS in Paris).
Prof. François Béguin from Poznan University of Technology presented a lecture „On Personal Experience in French-Polish Collaboration”.