Scientific article awarded with the cover feature of a journal published by Wiley-VCH

Scientific communication article entitled “A High-Voltage Electrochemical Cell Operating with Two Aqueous Electrolytes of Different pH Values” by Paula Ratajczak and François Béguin was awarded by the Cover Feature of ChemElectroChem journal (Wiley-VCH, Impact Factor 4.446).

The Cover Feature shows a polarized carbon‐based electrochemical cell constructed with two aqueous electrolytic solutions of different pH values, separated by a cation exchange membrane, where the potential difference between water oxidation and reduction is enlarged.

More information can be found in the Communication by P. Ratajczak and F. Béguin on page 2518 in Issue 18, 2018 ChemElectroChem (DOI: 10.1002/celc.201800778) or under the link: